January 7, 2015

“When she (chef & author Julia Child) moved to a retirement complex a few years ago, her Cambridge, Mass., kitchen went to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington where it’s now on display, complete with kitty-cat fridge magnets.”

John Allemang, Globe & Mail

pm_paintingClever Julia. No need to sort, sigh, pitch or pack. I’m giving our house to the Royal Ontario Museum. They can move the whole house, fridge magnets and all, or run it as a satellite exhibit: The House On Shaw Street — under the auspices of the Royal Ontario Museum. (Painting: Peter Maher, 2003)

This generous donation includes a three-story brick house constructed in 1896 by a builder who couldn’t think ahead to leave space for window mouldings. Mantelpieces are from the Home Depot of the late 1800s. The house sways a bit in a high wind or if a bus goes by – but buses only pass when they’re diverted from Ossington, and the road work there is sure to finish soon.


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