June 7, 2016

The new post is below. But first, a blog Comment and a hair update.

“Photos can Set You Off” (my last post—April, 2016) brought an e-mail backing me up. A close friend whose mother recently died wrote: “…after spending 2 days going through all the family photographs to make selections for the funeral…Yes, photos really can set you off!”

Hair. Starting in my teens, my hair has been radically changeable– long and blonde to short & merlot. Then a dark purple streak in the merlot (a hit in New York) and finally, enough! It’s growing out, still short and no one has dared put a name to the colour—brown, mouse, or gray. Au naturel would be fine.


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Here’s part of an email I sent to my friend, Sally, when the writing group I belong to sprang back into life:
“…we 4 ladies are doing writhing exercises again. Here’s my first one — been thinking how to do it for a while. b”

Sally’s return e-mail
“Dearest Barbara…. first I thought I would write something funny back about the Freudian nature of you having typed ‘writhing’ and not ‘writing’ exercises… but then I read on.”