April 5, 2015

Victoria & Albert Museum

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition. Fucking amazing. Read the link to the more lady-like Guardian revue.But keep in mind the exhibition is spectacle enhanced by science, lighting, weird bits of birds and sea shells and movie music like Handel’s Sarabande (Suite No 4 in D Minor, HWV 437), which was the theme for Stanley Kubrick’s movie Barry Lyndon. link


“Couture Techniques workshop at the Design and Textile Museum. Led by Zandra Rhode’s dress maker Jolanta Cerniauskiene, this popular workshop will give you the know-how and confidence to work with high end fabrics such as chiffon and silk satin.”

Five pieces of silk. Proof I can now make a pin seam, a French seam, a coat buttonhole, satin cording, ruffles with fishing line and I can sew bias pieces of silk chiffon and satin together. You try doing that.

The Courtauld

Love Goya. No other way to say it. An exhibition of drawings from Goya’s Witches and Old Women Album –made in his last 10 years, and meant to be seen by only a few close friends.


  • Film: “Goya in Bordeaux,” written and directed by Carlos Saura
  • DVD: “Goya: Crazy Like a Genius” presented by Robert Hughes
  • Book: “Goya” by Robert Hughes

Courtauld bonus:
2 other exhibitions at Somerset House
Invitation Strictly Personal Fashion Show Ephemera such as invites to famous people from famous people. As interesting as People Magazine.

Beard: photos “Mr. Elbank started up #Project60 by photographing 60 people with beards … reached an international audience by seeding them on social networking sites.” The hit of the show is the photo of a real bearded woman.

Notes on my daily London life:

Laughs, wine and pre-prepared food every night so no need to cook, or sit up straight.

Victoria and Albert museum (again)

‘Wedding Dresses: 1775-2014’
I was caught taking photos – frilly & flowery bits are on the side of one dress, too long and impossible to move in pleats on another, and Love the Hat.

National Portrait Gallery:

Sargent Portraits of Artists & Friends
Here’s one of John Singer Sargent friends – Dr. Pozzi at Home 1881. Or as I call it: “Smug Guy Looking for Trouble”.

Lunch in the Galleries’ restaurant overlooking nearby London roofs and then a swift zoom around the portraits. Sometimes you have to pace yourself if you’re ever going to do another museum. And how long can you sustain your interest in Bloomsbury and Virginia Woolf?

Visit to Sally who was visiting her cousin and husband, and 2 dogs, in their new flat/loft overlooking the Thames. Took 3 cupcakes slathered in white chocolate with 2 of the best ever tiny butter cookies as bunny ears.

Royal Academy of Arts:

Rubens and His Legacy – Boring. There, I’ve said it. Maybe I was just tired and was overwhelmed by the flesh.

Richard Diebenkorn – absolutely not boring. Amazing abstracts. I don’t know why the painting of the knife and glass is so, well, charismatic – kept going back to it.

Tate Modern – all with Chloe before lunch with her intended, Oli.

Chloe does Face Book “Sunday Tate wanders with BB”

Examined in detail: Annette Messenger’s installation wall, Louise Bourgeous Works on Paper (inspiring).


Niki de Saint Phalle Link

And Cy Twombly Link

Tate Britain

Salt & Silver (early, really early, photography), Turner (got lost), Rossetti et al, and one painting caused me to wonder if I’d seen too much and was loosing my mind or sight, or something. Two ladies sitting in a painting appeared to be alive – enough that I did a double take. Turns out the painting has been recently cleaned, or “conserved”. This is the second time I’ve had a living-painting experience in that gallery. link

A window on King’s Road

A Big Thank You

To my long time friend Sue – we met in grade 6 when we were 11-years-old. We are now ladies of a certain age and live on different continents but we can still gallery hop and shop together, and Sue’s great company no matter what falls in and out of our lives.

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