December 30, 2018

Yesterday morning I walked into the kitchen and found stuff happening…in the pot of Christmas bulbs.


Something, or things, were on a mission to destroy the only amaryllis in bloom.


Off to one side, a bearded guy with goggles was attempting funny stuff with a narcisi. He’d already torn a protective leaf off the top.


To the left, the guy on the stem knows nothing about ladder safety…like holding on tightly. And why is he trying to kick the guy below him who’s keeping the ladder steady???


Over here, a muscle-bound lout is trying to dig up a bulb. That shiny, pink, over-sized stone at the top, holds the whole thing together.


It may be a stretch, but that stone and the Apple Blossom coloured amaryllis share the same hue of pink. So you see, there is a point to this little story.

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  • Robin Pryor says:

    What’s going on?!
    No new words of daring-do for over a year.
    Is the feuileton *blonde OK?
    Curious. And anxious.
    An old admirer. (Circa *Sixties)

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